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(Ages 3-5)

Welcome to the Musical Adventures of Beethoven Bear, Mozart Mouse, and Friends! Join our Music for Little Mozarts Class, where children not only discover the wonders of music but also learn how to play the piano. Our age-appropriate and low-pressure program is thoughtfully designed to ignite a lifelong passion for music, making learning an enjoyable and delightful journey!

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Unleash the musical magic in our lively in-person group classes, little ones explore more than just playing instruments. We focus on early piano lessons, sound exploration, ensemble development, creative play, and much more! Our preschoolers revel in the joy of music-making while fostering growth in all areas of learning.

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Moriah Moens Moriah attends Fresno City college as an elementary education major for transfer. She has experienced teaching in a classroom through a student teaching class and has become passionate about childhood education. Her piano journey started at 4 years old where she studied piano under the instruction of Tina Carter. Over time Moriah grew in love with the piano and participated in certificate of merits piano celebration competitions where she has received multiple awards. In her sophomore and junior year of highschool she started studying piano at Fresno City under the instruction of Dr. Brandon Bascom from 2014 to 2015. After deciding that she wanted to teach elementary students, she wanted to continue to pursue her passion for piano and is currently studying piano again under Dr. Brandon Bascom at Fresno City College.

A Note from Moriah

"I am beyond excited for this class, The curriculum I am using is titled “Music For Little Mozarts” and is designed like a story book. All of the songs and the dances are based around Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear’s musical adventure as they discover new things about the piano and we get to join them on this adventure and have fun doing it! Parent participation is highly encouraged and I invite you to stay to help your child learn the songs at home. From the engaging songs to the plush stuffed animals, music for little mozarts is a very thought out curriculum to enhance music education and I am so thrilled to walk along side your child on the beginning of their musical adventure."

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"I can recognize music symbols!"

One little symbol at a time! Preschoolers will start to learn how cute graphic symbols match adorable sounds, like a musical adventure just for them!

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"I can express myself through music!"

In the land of playful wonders, our little 3-5-year-old stars joyfully dance and sing, expressing their precious feelings and ideas, spreading love through every magical movement and melody!

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"I can keep the beat!"

Get ready for a symphony of cuteness! Your little musician will have a blast playing all sorts of adorable instruments, focusing on a steady beat, playful rhythm patterns, and even cute graphic notations. It's music magic in the making!

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"I enjoy learning music with my new friends"

Students will learn the art of patience, taking turns with a smile, and teaming up to create music magic! We'll sparkle with cooperation and shine with respectful communication, making every moment together absolutely adorable!

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Beethoven Bear & Mozart Mouse one-time class materials : $20
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