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Today, Steinway remains at the helm of piano innovation. Over the past decade, the company’s improvements in craftsmanship and technology have resulted in greater precision, greater uniformity of touch and greater sound quality — ensuring that today’s Steinway is the finest Steinway yet.

Steiway Piano Gallery of Fresno offers you the finest selection of used pianos in Central California. Including used Steinway, Boston, Essex, and more. Unlike some restored Steinways you might search for elsewhere, our pre-owned Steinway collection only includes instruments with 100% genuine Steinway parts.

Many used pianos have wonderful musical and aesthetic character and can be an excellent value for discerning piano buyer.  If properly maintained, a quality pre-owned piano will last for decades and provide musical enjoyment to multiple owners.

Selecting A Used Steinway

If you are considering a restored or pre-owned Steinway, we strongly recommend that you get written confirmation that every part in the piano is a genuine Steinway part.

Many of our pre-owned pianos for sale are almost new or been completely restored. Some have recently graced the stages of the world's most prestigious music festivals. Yet, each is offered to you at substantial savings compared to a new instrument. Our wide selection of used pianos puts owning the piano of your dreams surprisingly within reach.

One of the most important keys to purchasing a used Steinway is to know that parts that have been replaced have been replaced with the same parts that the manufacture uses. Many piano re-rebuilders use inferior non-Steinway parts, seriously compromising and instrument's performance and investment value. In response to this we only uses 100% genuine Steinway parts.

With so many different piano manufacturers, models, sizes and prices, purchasing a used piano can be a very difficult and confusing journey, even more so when looking for a quality used grand piano.  As one of the oldest piano manufacturers, Steinway has learned a great deal about building the world's finest pianos and a great deal about what every potential piano buyer should know.

With this, our goal is to turn what can be a seemingly endless and frustrating journey to finding the right piano into an enjoyable and exciting experience.

About Our Used Inventory

All of the used pianos you will find in our inventory have been meticulously inspected by our experienced technicians and have been approved by them for resale.  When we receive a used piano, our piano technicians evaluate each instrument and determine if any piano parts need to be repaired, replaced, refinished or in some cases - completely restored. If a piano arrives that cannot be repaired to the Steinway Standard, these pianos will not be available for sale.

Every used piano we sell comes with either a Steinway & Sons Warranty or our Steinway dealer warranty which protects your investment.

Other Used Instruments

In addition to carrying pianos designed by Steinway, we often receive pianos built by other manufacturers that have been traded in. Some of these pre-owned pianos include Kawai, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Chickering, and Yamaha. When we receive a pre-owned piano on-trade, these pianos are thoroughly inspected by our highly-trained piano technicians.

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